Monday, January 30, 2023
HomelatestUttam Reveals KCR’s Health Reports In Telangana Movement

Uttam Reveals KCR’s Health Reports In Telangana Movement

The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee State head Uttam Kumar Reddy intensified his counter-attack on his rival KCR with his new act. He went on to release the health reports of KCR during his fasting in Telangana Movement.Uttam Kumar stated that the caretaker CM of Telangana is the main cheater of the state with his mischievous actions. In his released reports of KCR which Uttam got from the NIMS, it came to know that KCR in his three days of fast for the separate state was actually survived with injections.

State head Uttam Kumar Reddy

These injected fluids are rich with multivitamins and carbohydrates which are very essential for a human body to live.Uttam alleged that KCR even though avoided food had survived on these and projected like if he is giving up his life for the sake of Telangana. The Congress Chief declared that KCR at one point gave up his fasting but with the uproar from OU students continued his fast yet again and took health supplements.Congress leaders have intensified their attacks on KCR as they think that with Mahakutami, they are getting the best chance to dethrone the CM at any cost. Women leaders of TPCC like D.K Aruna, Vijayasanthi, on the other hand, are firing bullets on KCR and his past life.

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