From Where Would KCR Fetch Whopping Amounts For Manifestos

KCR's Return Gift: Double Dhamaka For CBN

The tall claims of Politicians sometimes go beyond reality especially during the time of elections, their promises appear to be moving mountains. A deep look at the TRS party’s election manifesto explains everything.KCR recently declared the TRS manifesto and most of his schemes target low, middle-class families and farmers. In the competition to the Congress’s manifesto, KCR announced stunning offers for the unemployed youth and senior citizens.

KCR will be needed at least 1.5 lakhs

By having some rough calculations, KCR will be needed at least 1.5 lakhs a year which is triple times of Telangana’s yearly revenue excluding debts. This means he has to collect a total of 7.5 lakhs of crores in his five years of the upcoming term if at all he wins and implements these schemes. Now the million dollar question is from where would KCR bring such excess amounts to fulfil the manifesto offers. However, keeping all these aside, political analysts opine that these announcements are for the sake of elections and post the D-day only ten percent among these might be implemented.


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