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HomelatestKCR magic works on Pawan too!

KCR magic works on Pawan too!

KCR magic works on Pawan too!

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KCR’s political strategies need no introduction. He is often referred as ‘Chanakya’ in current politics. The Telangana CM is very much capable of receiving accolades and appreciations even from other party leaders. Pawan Kalyan’s recent meet with KCR in Pragathi Bhavan became the hot topic in Telugu states politics.

Pawan Kalyan not only appreciated KCR for the 24-hour electricity plan but also stated that one should consider the ‘24-hour electricity’ program by KCR as a Case study.

This is not the first time another party leader appreciating KCR. Even in the past, Congress leader Jana Reddy and T-JAC (Telangana Joint Action Committee) leader Prof Kodandaram met KCR during the Telangana movement. Despite many prominent leaders from every party, irrespective of their parties, most of the political leaders in Telangana considered KCR as the ‘Telangana movement’ head.

Jana Reddy went to an extent of hailing KCR while condemning then Chief Minister of (united) Andhra Pradesh Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy. Everyone came to a conclusion that KCR has a strong influence on the political leaders of various parties, with his crowd pulling and exhorting speeches on Telangana and the need for the special state of Telangana.

In the past, there were many instances where Pawan Kalyan and KCR went against each other.

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