KCR gets a new Security-Vanity Bus:

KCR May Get Rs 7 cr Bullet-Proof Bus Due To Suspected Naxal Threat

KCR May Get Rs 7 cr Bullet-Proof Bus Due To Suspected Naxal Threat

Posted March 6, 2018, 4:35 pm at 16:35

The CM KCR has become a new target for the Maoist leaders following the recent encounter. The T Government, therefore, is making arrangements to tighten up its CMs security to save him from a possible Maoist threat. The details of this new security is as follows.

Already this dashing CM of Telangana has a specially built Security bus which worths 4 crores. But the information from crucial Police informers suggest that the Naxals are going with the latest technology to smash up CM’s convoy. As a result the Government of Telangana has consulted the Roads and Buildings Department along with the Home Ministry. They have come up with the idea of improving the existing bus to take maximum impact. Upon further meetings, they have decided to go for a new Security Bus which can withstand landmines and bombs to secure the CM.

The encounter of 12 guerrillas by the joint operation of T Police and Chhattisgarh Police irked high range Maoist leaders and they have openly announced death attack on KCR. So this new Security Bus will worth 7 crores with included luxury amenities for the CM. This bus will be used in the first place in KCRs statewide tour and the 4 crores bus will be kept as a standby. The R and B Department has already issues orders to necessary officials and the bus will be starting its services in a month or so. Both old and new buses belong to the company of Mercedes Benz.

KCR is making his Government equipped with tech on par with the Tech Savvy AP CM CBN’s Government. CBN changed his ambassador convoy to Safari post the Alipiri blast. Since then, he is known for his high-security transport. Likewise, KCR got upgraded to latest Fortuners for his Security and Innovas for the Telangana Traffic Police.

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