KCR’s Surprising Offers To Opposition Parties

Kcr Offers To Opposition Parties

It is a very weird offer by Telangana Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao. CM KCR sir recently announced that TRS government gives land to every party in every district to construct party office.Although only 100 rupees per yard will pay to the government. Every party could take maximum one acre for this. The parties who construct party offices, they are exempted from property tax permanently.

KCR also decided to construct TRS party offices in every district’s headquarters except Hyderabad. There are only 9 months of time for the 2019 elections. Here, CM KCR concentrates on schemes for political parties and only KCR knows the secret behind that. Now, it is very HOT news in Telangana politics and it surprises other state governments also.

Actually, in 2017 August Rajasthan government gave land to BJP to construct party offices but the ruling government is also BJP. And clears that “any party can approach the government and seek land to construct their part offices. Then, Congress criticized that “This is illegal and BJP is in power, which is why it is allocating land for its own offices. Such an opportunity should have been given to other parties as well.”Now, it takes over by KCR sir. But is it necessary…? Every party may have party funds to construct their party offices. Whatever it may be, it may be a rare strategy.


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