Monday, November 28, 2022
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KCR Ready For Subelections

KCR Ready For Subelections

KCR Ready For Subelections: KCR became more energetic with the abolition of the Vemulavada MLA Chinnamaneni Ramesh citizenship. Even there is some sorry for the abolition of citizenship. But this will become advantageous in the sub election for TRS party. KCR assumes that people were happy with the schemes and they are sure that TRS wins in Vemulavada.

The Analysts says that becomes the first step for the people to get anty if everything happens. Already there is a lot of opposition to KCR. The TRS leaders are in fear that if the opposition comes together and leads to the difference in the result. But KCR is sure about the result.

There is a tradition that the ruling parties will win the sub elections in the two Telugu states. The cadder got tensed that if TRS loose the sub elections by the people. There is an illusion that if the TRS MLA without citizenship criticizes may lead to any consequences.

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