Wednesday, December 1, 2021
HomelatestTRS Vs BJP



TRS Vs BJP: The Telangana leaders used to wait for the orders from the central government in dealing with BJP. but now the leaders started revolution bravely. They are to handle bus rally for the demand to declare officially the Amortization day of Telangana. but Modi gave a shock before the completion of the bus rally by dismissing Dattatreya as Union Minister.

Modi’s decision gave energy to the TRS leaders. The TRS leaders are making sarcasm on the BJP leaders that Modi has no confidence in the Telangana leaders that lead to the ousting of Dattatreya’s post. On the other side, MIM chiefs are criticizing BJP OYC’s and TRS supporting this looks strange.

The BJP questioned why KCR is not talking about the amortization day during the movement. But the TRS leaders are questioning back that why BJP is talking about the liberation day now. Though KCR and Modi bonding is good but BJP and TRS bonding are not good.

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