KCR Still Banking On Anti-AP Card To Gain Craze

Kcr Recent Speech For Anti Ap

In what may be called as provoking sans reason, the Telangana CM KCR dared to belittle the State of AP and its ruling party. Excerpts from his very recent speech reveal his controversial statements against the state of AP.KCR has called in for a press meet to welcome Nagam Janardhan Reddy on board the Pink camp of TRS. Addressing the Press, KCR claimed that the TRS leaders are working hard to provide best for the voters.

Same KCR instead of blowing his own trumpet irked the AP by declaring that bad Governance would lead to zero development just like the State of AP.According to the KCR, AP is a classic example of no development despite passing 4 years and its leaders are unworthy to develop the State. KCR stated that his TRS leaders got craze in the Public and if they work a bit hard, then they can regain Power for the second time in a row. Expressing his wish to score more than 100 seats in 2019 elections.

KCR stated the examples of Odisha of how a Government can regain power more than four times if it provides development for the citizens of the State.Political analysts point out at KCR for his cheap tactics of using Anti-AP trump card even after all these years of Bifurcation. It worked well during the Telangana Movement but it will not yield results one more time. Time for KCR to act respectfully by stop belittling his neighborhood state of Telugu.


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