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HomelatestOMG! Kg Tomatoes Just Rs. 2?

OMG! Kg Tomatoes Just Rs. 2?

Kg Tomatoes Just Rs2?

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The retail market rate of Tomato fluctuated between Rs. 50 to Rs. 80 per kg a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to the stable weather conditions, the farmers had a good yield. With the increase in supply, the tomato prices came down drastically. The current market rate of one kg of tomatoes in Cities is Rs. 20, while in villages it is between Rs. 10 – Rs. 12.

Unfortunately, the farmers are not being paid off what they deserve. If the consumers are purchasing the tomatoes at a minimum of Rs. 10 per kg, it is obvious for anyone to think that the farmers are being paid Rs. 5 – Rs. 6 by the market middlemen.

But that is not the case. It is reported that in the Pathikonda Market Yard, the farmers are forced to sell a 40 Kilo basket of tomatoes for Rs. 80. Which means, the farmer is being paid a mere Rs. 2 per each kilo. While the consumers are purchasing kilo tomato for Rs. 10 in the same market.

The farmers are highly thwarted, given the low tomato prices. A farmer said, ‘due to unseasonal rains in the last 2 months, tomato crop has been destroyed completely. Currently, with the onset of winter, we are having a good yield. If the same price continues, it is better that we don’t even take the crop off the field.’

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