PM appointed me as his deputy; claims a 65-yr-old TN man

65-yr-old TN man claims That PM appointed his as his deputy

65-yr-old TN man claims That PM appointed his as his deputy

Posted December 19, 2017, 12:54 pm at 12:54

The grievances day at the Collectorate at Erode in Tamil Nadu saw two bizarre representatives, one a 65 –year-old man, looked to be mentally unstable, asking people in the office to help him reach Delhi. He claimed to be appointed as deputy Prime Minister and in another case an upset youth presenting his plea after wounding his hand.

Police say that the well- a dressed elderly man walked into the Collectorate on Monday, saying Prime Minister has appointed him as his deputy and he wanted to go to Delhi to assume the office. This man wanted the District Collector S Prabhakar to help him reach Delhi as soon as possible. On hearing this, the police cleverly took him out from the collector’s office.

While in the other incident, Ranjithkumar, 28-year-old- a man from Komarapalayam village submitted a petition seeking the collector’s involvement, alleging ‘inaction’ by local officials on his repeated representations for grant of ‘patta’ (land document) to his house site. On assurance given by the collector, he came out said, officials.

But very soon, he fished out small scissors and inflicted a cut and injured his hand and submitted another copy of his petition to the collector.

Police interfered and took him to a nearby government hospital from where he was sent back home, after giving him first aid.

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