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Its “America First” says Donald Trump

Its “America First” says Donald Trump

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On Monday, the President of United States, Donald Trump is set to lay out a new National Security Strategy built upon his trademark, “America First” slogan, which is expected to have economic security at its core.

The US leader, Donald Trump has dismantled the legacy created by Former President Barack Obama, on the issues ranging from climate change to free trade, and have isolated Washington on the world stage, is going to unveil what is being billed as a complete vision for handling America’s intricate security challenges.

According to an administration official, a new document is released periodically by the presidency that confirms the belief that America’s economic security is a national security. It also echoes to push for balance in US economic relations with the rest of the world, especially China.

We have our greatest weapon, that is our strong GDP, the official quoted, citing Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Mr. President also had taken an aggressive stance on trade. He made a promise to reduce bilateral trade deficits, particularly with China, and also wants to level the playing field for American Companies.

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