Kim Jong-un’s madness kills 200 people on site!


Kim Jong-un’s madness kills 200 people on site!

It was coming. The world knew it. Kim Jong-un knew it, but he overlooked it. Despite repeated warnings from the scientific community against the testing of nuclear detonations in North Korea’s Punggyeri nuclear test site, Kim Jong-un went ahead. With repeated nuclear tests and earthquakes that followed have destabilized the whole region.

In the wake of a recent media report from a Japan, it is learned that on October 10th a part of the tunnel near the military site has collapsed taking away the life of more than 100 workers and officials who are trapped inside it. During the rescue operations, the other part of the tunnel also collapsed, claiming 100 more lives.

This incident is clearly due to the destabilization of geographical area surrounding the Punggyeri nuclear test site. The destabilization did occur after North Korea has continued testing its nuclear bombs. The international community did warm about a possible collapse of nearby mountains triggering massive calamity, known as Tired Mountain Syndrome.

Analysts predicted that the earthquake that took place on September 3rd after the detonation of ‘claimed’ Hydrogen Bomb under Mount Mantap might be the ‘trigger’ point for the collapse of the tunnel a month later. The detonation of Hydrogen bomb trigged a 6.1 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale. 

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