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Homelatest Revanth plays ‘9 number game’ with 10, Janpath!

 Revanth plays ‘9 number game’ with 10, Janpath!

 Revanth plays ‘9 number game’ with 10, Janpath!

After headlining every daily and online newspaper, Revanth Reddy’s episode has finally come to an end. The reported ‘rebel’ star has joined Congress in the presence of Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi. Along with Revanth Reddy, 18 more have opted to join Congress.

10 Janpath Accepted For Revanth Reddy SentimentGoing by the reports, knowing that Rahul Gandhi would be visiting Telangana in few more days owing to a meeting, and the high command thought to carry our ‘inclusion of Revanth Reddy’ in the presence of Rahul in Telangana itself, as a low key event. Few Telangana Congress leaders who are already jealous about the prominence of Revanth Reddy are known to be behind this episode.

10 Janpath Accepted For Revanth Reddy SentimentWhen few sections of the leaders pressuring the high command over the prominence Revanth Reddy is being given in the Congress, Revanth Reddy did outwit them with his number 9 sentiment. To ensure that he gets enough prominence and attention, he planned in a way that, along with him 18 others would join the Congress party in presence of the high command in Delhi itself. This event did become create a buzz both at the center and the state.

10 Janpath Accepted For Revanth Reddy SentimentAlong with Revanth Reddy, leaders like Vem Narendra Reddy, Seethakka, Vijay Ramana Rao, Arikela Narsareddy, Boda Janardhan, Soyam Bapu Rao, Ramesh Reddy, Dhommati Sambhayya, Thotakoora Jaanayya, Kavvampalli Sathyanarayana, Medipalli Sathyam, Haripriya Nayak, Balya Nayak, Raja Ram Yadav and three more leaders representing Osmania Jak leaders have joined Congress in presence of Rahul Gandhi.

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