Kishan Reddy Spilling Water On Dattatreya’s Hopes

Kishan Reddy Spilling Water On Dattatreya Hopes

The Telangana BJP camp despite its decent vote bank is all going crazy regarding the upcoming elections. Party’s internal wars have become a huge headache to the Saffron party.

Its senior most leader Bandaru Dattatreya is not feeling well with the importance he was given by his own party members. This ex-Union Minister lost his place from the Central Cabinet in the last elections. In order to regain his momentum, he is trying hard for Secunderabad MP ticket at any cost. At the same time, T-BJP’s Assembly floor leader Kishan Reddy is dreaming big. Missing the MP ticket in the last time, He is aiming big this time. This popular T-BJP leader is paving a way into the Cabinet via Parliament.

Thus, he is trying his best to lobby for the Secunderabad MP ticket from Dattatreya. Already the heads of BJP sacked Bandaru from the important leaders of the party last time. So it is likely that Kishan might get a ticket this time than Dattatreya for MP. Also Amit Shah didn’t give any T-BJP leader a chance to work in the Central Cabinet. This time, Kishan is targeting Union Minister post by becoming an MP. If BJP wins the Parliament, then Kishan has all the possibilities to become a Minister for the first time in his Political career.

Coming to the possible alliances, BJP is likely to join hands with TRS. Their cooperation in the happened No Confidence Motion made BJP consider the friendship of KCR. On the flip side, KCR dropped the idea of the Third Front for some obvious reasons.


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