Krish Finally Reacts On Manikarnika Credits


The biopic of Rani Jhansi Laxmi Bai, Manikarnika starring the queen Kangana has been out across the India last weekend. Apart from decent talk and collections, the ongoing controversy regarding the director Krish and his credits again floated up. None other than Krish gave a clarity about this issue.Manikarnika has moved from script to shooting with the help of the authentic director Krish. This director who worked for the maximum portion of the flick except for some reshoots got himself revealed from the project to start the NTR biopic. However, the things changed and the lead actress Kangana claims herself the half credit of the direction. All these days, the silent Krish remained calm but the other day, this Kanche maker declared that Kangana is actually stealing his credit.

Krish explained that he worked for a total of 400 days and completed the flick from start to end. Its then, he bid farewell to the team and landed in the Hyderabad to take care of NTR Kathanayakudu. He points at Kangana and producers for taking away all the credit now and declared that his silence was taken for granted. This Gamyam maker opined that this is a complete injustice for being sincere and he needs his share of credits in making.On the flip side, Manikarnika makers state that Krish has only worked for just over a hundred days but not more. Kangana herself completed the flick being in the director’s seat. One has to wait and see how Krish deals with the core team of Manikarnika regarding this issue legally.


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