KTR changes his tone and opinion on Janasena !

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The TRS Working President KTR expressed that there will be a triple fight in AP General Elections and TRS won’t involve in AP Politics. For those who are wondering at his sudden change in prediction, here are the possible reasons.

This number two of TRS many times revealed his lowkey look on Janasena in Public events. Underestimating what Janasena can do, KTR along with his son KCR many times declared that the fight is always between TDP and YSRCP and extended their support to YSRCP claiming that they would bat for Jagan. To his surprise, Janasena Supreme Pawan showcased the strength of his party each passing day and now shocked all by even forming an alliance with the BSP Chief Mayawati.

Already Pawan warned KCR not to interfere in AP affairs and now his pact with Mayawati also troubled the TRS camp. Not stopping there, Janasenani reminded the fact that KCR went back on his promise to make Dait as PM for India. Taken Janasena’s vote bank and BSP’s small yet influential percentage of votes, TRS is now worried about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Not to ruffle Pawan’s feathers, KTR now officially declared that he will not poke his nose in AP as the TRS party is busy with Telangana politics.

Now that the ex JD of CBI, Lakshmi Narayana joined Janasena, TRS top leaders want to stay in their boundaries without supporting YS Jagan who is arrested by the same ex IAS officer in the past.


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