KTR: CM KCR Rejects Association with Modi


KTR: CM KCR Rejects Association with Modi:

KTR, the Working President of BRS, criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for what he called a blatant display of dishonesty. He accused the PM of diminishing the dignity of his position with his falsehoods, labeling the Modi-led BJP as the biggest source of false promises and grandiose claims in the country.

KTR vehemently denied the notion of aligning with the NDA and dismissed PM Modi’s claim that CM KCR sought his approval for KTR’s appointment as CM. He criticized the Prime Minister’s inconsistency and questioned the PM’s selective focus on BRS while ignoring other potential alliances.

KTR also took aim at the Prime Minister’s comments on family politics, pointing out examples of other political families that could potentially align with the NDA. He mentioned that Jay Shah’s appointment as BCCI secretary was also a case of family involvement in politics.

Furthermore, KTR highlighted PM Modi’s habit of criticizing the Chief Ministers of the states he visits, accusing him of labeling them as corrupt leaders. He asserted that the BJP had a reputation for making empty promises and indulging in high rhetoric.

Rama Rao pointed to unfulfilled promises made by PM Modi for 2022, including doubling farm income, achieving a five trillion-dollar economy, providing housing for all, creating 2 crore jobs annually, and recovering black money.

Regarding Telangana, Rama Rao claimed that PM Modi had done nothing for the state, citing issues related to irrigation projects, ITIR, and Telangana’s recognition. He expressed confidence that the BJP would perform poorly in the upcoming Telangana elections, even predicting the loss of deposits in numerous seats.

KTR also asserted that the NDA was a sinking ship, with several parties leaving the alliance. He questioned the status of cases against individuals such as Hemanth Biswas, Srujana Choudary, and Jyotiraditya Scindia.

ktr: cm kcr rejects association with modi
KTR: CM KCR Rejects Association with Modi

Finally, KTR expressed confidence in BRS’s continued success in Telangana elections, with CM KCR securing a third term. He emphasized CM KCR’s integrity and stated that he would not associate with someone like Modi, whom he accused of being a habitual liar.

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