KTR’s Sharp Attack On The Mahakutami Parties


The Telangana IT Minister KTR had been to his favourite constituency of Siricilla the other day to participate in a public meeting. Speaking to the occasion, he continued his attack on his rival parties TPCC and T-TDP. The dynamic Minister in his recent speech stated that all the rivals of TRS joined forces to stop the development programmes of the TRS Government. He asked the voters to teach the Mahakutami parties a bitter lesson by voting TRS in the snap polls. This Urban development Minister claimed that the Telangana Congress lacks strong cadre and the T-TDP is empty without leaders so voting them is a terrible waste.

ktr irked the congress leaders

Sharpening his attack on the rivals, KTR irked the Congress leaders by stating that every leader in the TPCC thinks he is the CM candidate if they win. He warned the TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar not to live in dreams regarding CM chair as it is meant only for KCR. KTR warned people not to believe in Uttam’s 6 cylinder’s promise as the party AICC has a history of bluffing and escaping from their promises.KTR pledged to make Siricilla as the best constituency in the entire Telangana by developing it with new kind of technology and infrastructure. He didn’t leave BJP in his attack and declared Modi Government is scared of TRS so that it is also making fake promises to the people these days.


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