Manohar’s Entry Into Janasena: Facts Vs Yellow Media Claims


It is now almost official that the ex-Congress leader Nadendla Manohar is all set to join the Janasena officially very soon in the presence of its Chief Pawan Kalyan. Since this news floated on the internet, over-enthusiastic pro-TDP Channels with their debates tried their best to state fake conclusions on this joining.

However, senior analysts are here with actual facts countering the claims of those channels. Ever since his news went viral, these Yellow media channels organized live debates and special programmes on this issue. They tried to prove that Nadendla out of choice is joining Janasena but not with faith or interest on Pawan Kalyan.

Countering these claims, the inside members of Janasena declares that Manohar has been in touch with Pawan Kalyan for the last two years and is waiting for a right moment to join the party officially. Other pro-TDP channels tried to project that Manohar is joining Janasena as he failed to become the APCC Chief.

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Dismissing these claims, the senior leaders of Janasena once again reminded them that Pawan and Manohar maintain good relationships not now but since the times of PRP days. Nadendla Manohar with utmost clarity is joining the Janasena in the East Godavari today or in the upcoming days to serve the party. Analysts state that some jealous media who are unable to digest strengthening Janasena are busy propagating such fake conclusions via debates.


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