KTR Sworn The Crown As TRS Working President

KTR Wants CBN To Stay In AP For Lok Sabha Elections

KTR has emerged as a brand name by playing a key role in the victory of KCR as the second –time Chief Minister of Telangana state. KTR is successfully filling the gap between the party and the party leaders to know what is happening in party offices. So, KTR was appointed few trustful persons in every party office to know every update about the actions at there. Finally, KTR is now appointed as the TRS Party’s Working President which is a wise move by KTR’s father KCR, the second time ruler of Telangana. A year ago, KCR was announced that he will establish a Federal Front with Non-BJP & Non-Congress parties across India to rotate the wheel in national politics level. But, he kept that on hold to focus on Telangana Assembly Polls. After tasting a grand victory again as a Chief Minister, now KCR is ready to play an active role in national politics.In his first move, KCR wants to unite Non-BJP and Non-Congress parties in the wake of parliamentary elections in April and May next year.

KCR did everything in the recently held assembly polls starting from the selection of candidates, campaigns, meetings, sessions, working strategies and supervised the actions of the party members and candidates by giving special attention and it results in the grand victory for him. After considering Chandrababu Naidu’s intervention into Telangana politics as a serious issue, KCR also wants to mark his foot in AP’s next assembly elections in 2019. Of course, the strategies are already initiated and will get into the action soon.Telangana state has 17 parliamentary seats while 16 of them are planning to win by TRS party in next parliamentary elections in 2019. To take this action forward, KCR appointed his son KTR as the working president of TRS party and also given the responsibilities to the strengthening of the party from the grassroots and supervise the completion of irrigation projects. Soon the enrolment drive for the party new memberships will begin in all constituencies and will set up the new party offices across Telangana. According to the sources, KTR will have a chance to sworn the crown as a CM of Telangana if all things are executed well when KCR become the key factor in national politics.


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