KTR’s Special Promise To The Kodangal Voters To Eliminate Revanth

KTR’s Special Promise To The Kodangal

The firebrand leader Revanth has successfully irked the Kalvakuntla’s family with this relentless press meets. The result can be evident in the speeches of KCR and KTR as they allocate more time to slam Revanth than campaigning their schemes.KTR visited the Kodangal constituency where the Congress working President Revanth will be contesting as an MLA. To make him not to enter into the T-Assembly, KTR is trying his best to limit the prior to the home.

Telangana reiterated that Revanth

In his recent speech in Kodangal, this Minister of Telangana declared that this constituency will be bagged by TRS’s candidate Patnam Narender Reddy. He requested the voters to make Narendra Reddy as the MLA of Kodangal. Not stopping there, KTR offered to give complete running water to the Kodangal farmers via Lift Irrigation of Chevella so that they can have as many crops as they can.

This son of caretaker CM of Telangana

This son of caretaker CM of Telangana reiterated that Revanth has left the Kodangal constituency and its problems only to confine around Hyderabad with Press meets every now and then. One has to wait and see if these voters of Kodangal would fall into the trap of TRS or sent Revanth to the Assembly.


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