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Kushbu Sundar Hard Hitting Lines About MeToo #Jr.NTR ASVR

We all know that Kushbu is a very intellectual lady and shows her uniqueness by her tweets. She gives hard hitters to the people who question her or who mislead the world. However, currently, MeToo is the biggest movement in India which is fighting against sexual assaults. So, some hiding women are coming forward to tell their bitter stories with the help of support. And, MeToo is the platform for every victim woman. Albeit, Kushbu sees things from the different dimensions and brings her perception. So, now she brings the words about MeToo movement. Here are her words…

Many ask if I have ever faced MeToo moment

Many ask if I have ever faced MeToo moment in my career spanning 40yrs in films. Sorry to disappoint you but I haven’t. I was always taught to fight my own battles and hit back hard and I did just that. And mind you, hitting back was not because of MeToo but to make sure my remuneration came on time as I was the only earning member then. Clearly shows predators are all over, in every field, why single out one industry alone??.

How pathetic to see women who are speaking

How pathetic to see women who are speaking just for the sake of it. If you are the victim, have the courage to speak and reveal the identity of those perpetrators, if not, shut up and do nothing. For women like you spoil the battle of the strong women who are fighting out there. All stories may not be true… Some could be consensual and taking a different turn in the heat of this MeToo movement. Every case needs to be studied under most stringent scrutiny. Till then, let’s hope women find the strength to cope with this pain.

Shame on those who are finding the stories

Shame on those who are finding the stories of these brave women of being sexually assaulted funny. Guys I say speak to the women in your families. I am sure you will find dozens of MeToo stories back at home. So, stop being so insensitive.

Kushbu about Aravinda Samantha:

Moreover, we know that she is a big fan of Jr.NTR and she says anywhere herself. So, the fans of Jr.NTR ask her about the movie and she tweeted about it also. However, generally, she retweets the tweets of her wishers, Congress, and anti-BJP. But, she retweeted director Rajamouli’s tweet which was about Aravinda Sametha movie. By this, she once again shows her love and affection towards Jr.NTR. Probably, our estimation may wrong, she may like Rajamouli tweet! Whatever it may be, it is Jr.NTR’s movie tweet so fans love it.

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