Telangana Electioneering : Is KCR Fearing For The Opposition…?

KTR Comments On Lagadapati Rajagopal Election Survey

Seems the caretaker CM of Telangana is losing his cool these days as all the Opposition parties are working against him. A look at his latest speech showcases his worries and tensions regarding the latest developments of Prajakutami and surveys on snap polls which are not in favor of TRS.Among all the surveys, the ex-Minister Lagadapati Rajagopal’s predictions are considered to be more authentic than others.

KCR Retains Key Media Support Ahead Of Elections

Such leader who took time to prepare his surveys for the Telangana snap polls predicted that Mahakutami would bag the power this time limiting TRS to the opposition. Worried KCR in his Bhupallapalli constituency asked his supporters not to believe in silly surveys as they are not perfect. Campaigning for his leader Madhusudhanachary, the first ever Speaker of Telangana, KCR showcased his confidence over regaining power.One can see KCR’s fear of losing this time as he is taking more time to slam the Opposition than explaining his party schemes. In addition, his reluctant behavior also bagging him an unwanted bad name among the voters. Will Rajagopal’s prediction become true? Asks political lovers looking at the latest developments of Telangana Politics.


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