Nandamuri Suhasini’s Win Or Lose Would Not Affect CBN


The clever Politician CBN is hailed by Nandamuri fans for offering a ticket to Nandamuri Suhasini, the daughter of demised Hari Krishna. A zoom in look at this decision of CBN would only explain the mastermind of senior most Politician Chandrababu Naidu.In order to bring in NTR Jr to the campaign, CBN made Suhasini contest in the snap polls. With this move, he won the support of Taarak fans and good name among the whole TDP supporters. If Suhasini loses, CBN loses nothing but the goodwill he bagged by giving a ticket to Suhasini will remain in people.


If this Kukatpally TDP candidate wins, then CBN would indirectly force the NTR Jr to campaign for TDP in Andhra Pradesh. With or without a will, Taarak will surely help the TDP as a token of gratitude from Hari Krishna’s family. Here, one has to observe that this TDP National leader would not give more tickets to other members of Hari Krishna’s family even if they ask citing the reason of Suhasini.All his plans are to seek the support of NTR Jr without losing one more ticket to the demised family. Now that all is well between Nara and Hari Krishna’s family, the advantage is on TDP’s side for the snap polls in Telangana.


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