Lakshmi Narayana, a perfect competitor for TDP in Vizag

JD Opts For Lok Satta Than Launching A New Party
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The ex JD of CBI, Lakshmi Narayana shocked TDP and its chief Chandrababu Naidu by bidding adios to TDP and joined Janasena lead by Pawan Kalyan. Now that this ex IAS officer is competing as an MP from Visakhapatnam segment, TDP is scratching heads to prepare strategies against him.

Of all the Parliament segments, Vizag is more than important for the TDP as GITAM’s current heir Bharat is entering the Politics. Until then, Bharat’s win appeared to be a cakewalk with all the support from TDP loyalists and GITAM family. With the entry of Lakshmi Narayana, there will be a tough competition for this Lok Sabha seat as this non-corrupt ex Government Officer afforded fans in all the political parties and sections of society.

As this is not enough, the YSRCP is fielding in its candidate MVV Satyanarayana who got his own craze in the region. All this has become a huge headache to the TDP National head CBN. It would be more than interesting to see CBN’s plans to counter Lakshmi Narayana who has nothing bad associated with his professional and personal life. Also if CBN tries to sling mud on his Janasena opponent, then the voters for sure will turn against TDP after all the Narayana’s track record in solving cases like Satyam, Jagan, etc..,


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