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HomelatestLakshmi Parvathi On KTR As CM, And Nara Lokesh!

Lakshmi Parvathi On KTR As CM, And Nara Lokesh!

Lakshmi Parvathi Comments On KTR And Nara Lokesh

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Though Lakshmi Parvathi has not been among political circles, the wife of late Sri NTR has maintained a cordial relationship when it comes to controversies and rumors. At the same time, she is not seen regularly these days. Last time she was in the news, was during the ‘NTR Biopic’ hysteria after RGV announced his ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’. Though she supported RGV at that point in time, she was taken back after, Kethireddy Jagadeswar Reddy came out with ‘Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham’.

After the two films shelved reportedly, Lakshmi Parvathi disappeared once again. Thanks to the over-inquisitive YouTube Channels, the lady has once again made her presence. This time around, her comments will surely irk TDP followers.Answering to the question on what is her opinion about KTR becoming CM in Telangana, she made contrast comparisons between KTR and Lokesh.

‘As far as I’m concerned, I believe KCR is planning to play a key role in national politics. I don’t think KCR brought the idea of the Third Front to make KTR as the CM. Under what criteria Nara Lokesh became a minister? Just because he is the son of AP CM? If Lokesh can handle three ministries, KTR has every right to be the next CM of Telangana.The nation has already seen inheritance politics right from Nehru’s time, and this will not be the first time, said Lakshmi Parvathi.

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