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HomelatestLaw Student lynched in a chair fight!

Law Student lynched in a chair fight!

Law Student lynched in a chair fight

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A law student lost his life after a fight broke out between two groups in a hotel. The shocking incident took place in a hotel in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. According to the police, a law student named Dileep, studying 2nd year came to the hotel Kalika, along with his friend for a common dinner. During that time, a fight reportedly took place between the Dileep and his friends, and few other (students) in the hotel.

As the fight intensified, the two groups started using chairs against each other. During this fight, one of the students hit the deceased, Dileep using a long wooden/metal piece. On impact, Dileep crippled down on the floor. Shockingly, another student started footing on Dileep’s neck, before he was pushed away.

The incident caused a severe outrage from the law students, and security has been beefed up around the hotel. The main accused was arrested by the police, after examining the CCTV footage. Many others were severely injured in the fight. The reason for the fight is still unknown.

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