RG is Pappu, and KTR is కుట్ర (Kutra) on Google Image Search

KTR As Kutra In Google Image Search

KTR As Kutra In Google Image Search

Posted February 12, 2018, 7:20 pm at 19:20 

‘Pappu’ is the synonym of Rahul Gandhi in Indian politics. Though this percept is changing in politics, it remains the same on Google Image search. Speaking at the Telangana Congress Committee meeting, Telangana Congress Spokesperson Dasoju Sravan stated that, KTR is a synonym to కుట్ర (Conspiracy) in modern day politics.

Further adding to his statements, D Sravan alleged that TRS is a slave to BJP. ‘As soon as Modi criticized Congress in the Parliament, KTR began to chat-chit on Twitter, to further glorify Modi’s comments against Congress. To ensure that Modi & Co. get the print media coverage details, KTR posts the newspaper clippings on Twitter.

If you type కుట్ర (conspiracy) in Google Image Search, you would find KTR. Such is the stature of KTR and TRS party,’ said D Sravan.

Reacting to KTR’s comments, ‘Congress is a loafer party’, Dasoju Srinivas questioned, if Congress is a loafer party, why would it give Telangana? So who are loafers here? It is you, who is looting the state.

Dasoju Srinivas further said, Congress will not turn a blind eye (like TRS), if the Centre shows prejudice towards the state of Telangana.

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