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Leave Your Wife And Become PM Of India – AAP Woman MLA Tweets

Leave Your Wife And Become PM Of India- AAP Woman MLA Tweets

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Delhi MLA, Alka Lamba opened doors to a new controversy. The AAP MLA went on to criticize PM Modi in a manner, never heard before. She took up the ‘Triple Talaq’ issue in lamenting the Prime Minister of India.

On her official Twitter account, the lady MLA went on to say, ‘instead of saying Talaq Talaq Talaq and going to jail, they can instead leave their wife without saying anything and can become the Prime Minister of India.’

In her tweet, Alka Lamba was referring to Narendra Modi. PM Modi was assumed to be unmarried during his term as Gujarat CM. The nation came to know that he was married only after he submitted in his affidavit while contending for the post of Prime Minister. Since then, the oppositions tried their best to put Modi in a fix.

But the BJP leaders were successful in retaliating against the opposition moves. Alka Lamba tweet invited a lot of criticism, with people bashing at her immature and sick comments, give the political motives. Meanwhile, some netizens supported Alka Lamba’s  tweet, by stating that, Modi who has abandoned his wife has no right to speak about Triple Talaq.

Alka Lamba Tweets on PM Modi

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