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HomelatestLocal Trains to have AC Compartments – Is it worth?

Local Trains to have AC Compartments – Is it worth?

Local Trains to have AC Compartments  

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The Railway Ministry has taken the decision to equip local trains (MMTS) with AC compartments along with existing general local trains. This will be carried out in phases in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore local-train network. Few local trains would comprise of 12 AC Coaches. These special AC coaches feature automatic doors. Though this is a welcome move by many, few intellectuals are questioning its economic viability.

The addition of AC-coach trains to the existing MMTS in Hyderabad is really a welcome move. This leaves us with the question, is it really needed? MMTS Trains in Hyderabad run jam-packed during the peak hours. Most of them utilizing the MMTS belong to middle class and lower middle class. The cost would be a major factor in this scenario. If the railway authorities are planning to launch these AC-coach equipped local trains, they need to ensure that the frequency of the current MMTS trains is still maintained.

The officials cannot force the common man to travel at a higher price, just because they wanted to add the extravagance to the existing system. In order to accommodate these new bunch of trains will there be any change of timings of the existing trains?

The authorities should look into these aspects before adding the new AC-coach trains to the existing MMTS system.

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