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HomelatestWhere is our society leading?  Is life so cheap?

Where is our society leading?  Is life so cheap?

Where is our society leading 

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Every single day we come across so many mishaps happening all around our country. You all must be puzzled about what I am talking about? I am taking the example of Rajasthan bus crashing into the railing of the bridge before the bus lost control of the vehicle and fell into the Banās River.

Let’s look into this particular incident, the news is coming out that the bus is driven by a 16-year-old conductor who lost control of the vehicle. In this mishap, including the driver and the conductor, 33 people lost their lives. My question “Is life so cheap?” The chances of survival look pretty bleak, as the bus fell off from a 100-foot high bridge in Sawai Madhopur district. Around 45 to 50 passengers were in the vehicle at the time of the accident and around 33 died that include 4 children and around 7 others suffered injuries.

The mortal remains are handed over to the kith and kin of the deceased families. Now, what follows is a routine drama, like usual, a routine autopsy has been performed, Prime Minister expressed his condolences, and the government assures close monitoring of the situation and providing assistance.

But is this what we require? How many times do we have to face such situations? Has life become so cheap? Why there are no proper measures taken at the beginning to start with? Who allowed a minor to drive the bus? Can we only blame the authorities of the bus or functioning of the society? Aren’t the people sitting inside the bus equally responsible?Don’t they know a minor is driving the bus? How did they allow this to happen? And if they did, can’t we say they overlooked it?

I am not just speaking of this particular incident. Recently we have seen a boat accident in Ongole. Private individuals have operated a particular boat without a legitimate license. The boat left the banks without adequate life jackets. The tourists were aware of the shortcomings and lack of life jackets. Most of them traveling on that ill-fated day were aware that the boat is not a local one, and the driver operating on that day looked to be a young man, without the proper knowledge of the water currents in the river and risk-prone areas. The accident did cost many lives. Following which, the government came forward to express their canny condolences and announced the ex- gratia.

The government and the society end up blaming each other in this kind of incidents. These are mere examples of many such accidents that don’t come to light in our Incredible India. The responsibility lies on both; the government and the society. Even if one passenger had voiced his opinion against the minor driving the bus on that ill-fated day, possibly, 33 lives could have been saved. The bus might have reached its destination in an hour’s delay. Now with lives lost, what is the point of bragging at each other?

Because no one is bothered about the society. Leave alone the elected members, the people themselves are least bothered about their lives. Everyone takes their life for granted. Everyone looks for cheaper and faster ways to reach their destination. Everyone overlook these little things.

It might look like you are obsessed when looking at these little things. But these little things make or break your life. Come ‘on people, for hell sake, start valuing your lives! 

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