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HomelatestLokesh Sportive Reaction Towards Pappu

Lokesh Sportive Reaction Towards Pappu

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Lokesh Sportive Reaction Towards Pappu

Lokesh Sportive Reaction Towards Pappu: TDP youth leader Nara Lokesh is good in taking sportive for the criticism of saying him Pappu. In his speech, he said that “Some people are blaming me saying Pappu getting popular because of me”. Whereas, His videos in social media and Youtube saying Pappu are buzzing. Lokesh positive response towards the situation made everyone shock.

His speech includes that there is a limit to criticize people with their personal reasons seems to be abnormal. Moreover, Lokesh questioned that if he is Pappu how can he prepare schemes to people as a minister. He warned YCP to be the perfect opposition party and be responsible for their work.

TDP is delighted with the sportive response on Pappu. They are questioning YCP that Lokesh doesn’t have political experience but now what is the answer for Lokesh response. Finally, They reminded the leader that their leader was so cool and if Jagan was called Pappu the reaction would be different.

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