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Looking forward to New films : Rahul Ramakrishna

Hyderabad, 15 March,(Telugu Bullet)  “With the rise of digital democracy, audiences are watching all the movies. Awareness of the audience towards different movies has increased. With this, the popularity of new types of films has increased, ”said Rahul Ramakrishna.

‘Jatiratnalu’ is a movie directed by KV Anudeep starring Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna in the lead roles with Naveen Polisetti and Faria Abdullah as the couple. Produced by Nag Ashwin under the banner of Swapna Cinemas, the film was released on the 11th of this month.

Rahul Ramakrishna said- ” I really enjoyed listening to this story. Will the audience initially connect to this movie? Seemed. After the release, all our doubts are gone. Anudeep has a good sense of humor, ”he said. He added: “I started my career as a journalist. I saw the crime beat. After that, I became a film reporter and now I am working as an actor in films. The role of Shiva in ‘Arjun Reddy’ brought me good recognition. Our saleswoman is a big critic of my performance. I’m waiting for the day when our saleswoman will say, ‘You performed well.

I recently did an action sequence in the movie ‘Why’. It seemed to me that why not make a hero or a villain. I am currently doing four movies. It also includes what I do as a lead actor, ”he said.

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