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‘Maddam Sir’ cast salutes efforts of police in corona battle

Actors Yukti Kapoor and Gulki Joshi, who are a part of the TV show “Madam Sir”, have saluted the spirit of the police for their efforts in the battle against the COVID outbreak.

“I was missing the ‘Madam Sir’ team so much and it felt good to be back. Now that we are coming back with new episodes, it is our responsibility to do even more justice to our characters as we are playing police officers,” Yukti said.

“Police officers have been at the frontline during these difficult times and they were out there risking their lives so that we are safe in our homes. So, in my view, police officers are like gods,” she added.

The show features Gulki Joshi and Yukti Kapoor as reel-life police officers.

“I feel that today if we have been able to handle this pandemic a little, it has been possible with the relentless efforts of our frontline heroes like the police force. ‘Madam Sir’, being somewhat a representative of the police force in India, it is our responsibility to do justice to our roles and bring the right message to our audience. So, I feel very proud to be playing this role and I hope we are able to make our police officers feel proud too,” Gulki shared of her role in the Sony SAB show.

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