Madhan Karky Panned Write Song for Spyder Movie

Madhan Karky Panned Write Song Spyder Movie

Madhan Karky Panned Write Song Spyder Movie

Madhan Karky Panned Write Song Spyder Movie: If anyone asks us to speak in different language means it’s very difficult. We try to learn and we will try to speak the little bit. If someone asks to write a song in that language means….we try hard to write in the known language only. The thoughts coming to our mind and we have to analyze the screens. We have to write dialogues suitable to that. Then writing songs in different language means… that’s not possible to all. Someone who speaks in three to four languages perfectly. They also show interest in writing in their own language only.

But Tamil song writer Madhan Karki wrote the song in Telugu simply. In the direction of Murugadoss Mahesh Babus movie spider for this movie, he wrote a song. This matter is posted by himself on Twitter. On September 27 spider movie is going to be released in Telugu Tamil Hindi languages. Madhan is waiting eagerly for this movie. The spider movie is having publicity with Madhan Karki. The most popular national wide movie Bahubali Kiliki language is introduced by Madhan Karki only. The language introduced by him is popular world wide. We have to wait and see that the song is going to be populated or not.

Posted August 19, 2017 at 18:56 


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