Mahesh Babu Following The Footsteps Of Chiru

Mahesh Babu Following The Footsteps Of Chiru

The Prince of Tollywood, Mahesh Babu is entertaining his fans and followers by increasing his public interactions in recent times. Analysing his course of actions, movie lovers declare that he is the next big brother of the industry.Mahesh right from the beginning of his career never interacted with fans and media until recent times. He is a changed man now as this superstar is continuously appearing in Public events and attending the promotional events of his co-stars. Also,  Mahesh is staying more active in his social networking sites unlike before and taking his time to congratulate any movie if he really likes it.

This trend was started by Megastar Chiru who has been the big brother of Tollywood for decades keeping every artist united. Chiru even after coming back to flicks, continued his trend of meeting the unit members of any hit flick despite its span. Not stopping there, Chiru attends the audio function of any flick if he gets invited to bless them. Now that he has taken the place of late Dasari garu, Chiru’s big brother place is said to be replaced by Mahesh Babu. Fans also opine that Mahesh is the right person to occupy the spot as there is no competition for his star status. The only competitor is Powerstar Pawan Kalyan but he left movies for Politics. It is almost clear that Mahesh is the perfect big brother after Chiru for Tollywood and this is a healthy sign for the industry.


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