Mahesh comments on Pawan Kalyan

Mahesh comments on Pawan Kalyan

Kathi Mahesh comments on Pawan Kalyan

Before the start of Big Boss show, very few people know who Mahesh Kathi is. After his entry into Big Boss and participating for 4weeks in the house he is known by many people now. He got a good recognition with the show Big Boss. Hence, he is also being in few interviews. In a recent interview Kathi Mahesh comments on Pawan Kalyan and is into controversies. With this all PK fans are angry with Mahesh Kathi

They questioned him asking who he is to question Pawan Kalyan. This is being the latest hot topic in social media. Even previously, Mahesh comments on Pawan’s movie Katamarayudu and Sardhar saying they are worst films. They questions saying, getting some fame doesn’t mean they can speak whatever they want to. Mahesh Kathi comments saying they cannot expect a hit from pawan’s next movie. Hence, Fans are very aggresive towards Mahesh.

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