Friday, February 3, 2023
HomelatestChina Provoke India For War

China Provoke India For War

China Provoking India for War

China Provoking India for War: Always China creates some problems to India. Recently, they printed the National flag on shoe boxes and export to India. The trader got shocked and complaint to the police. China wants Doklam, Ladakh and now Arunchal it seems. With that Dragons are not stopping and provoking India for war. They can start the war but telling cock and bull stories that they want piece and all.

Modi wants to teach a lesson to China. So government is planning for road near the border. It’s buzzing that the war can start at the time of elections. At least like Pakistan, surgical strikes can happen. But it’s not easy to play with China like Pakistan if we start provoking then war is for sure. So the central government is making ready for every aspect to fight back.

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