RGV Challenge to V. Hanumantha Rao

RGV tweets V. Hanumantha Rao

RGV tweets V. Hanumantha Rao

It is known about congress member V. Hanumantha rao recently reacted upon Arjun Reddy kissing posters. He warned the tollywood industry by tearing the poster out. On this issue we see controversial director RGV reacting. Though the movie is out with positive talk these controversies seems like continuing. We see V. Hanumantha rao warning RGV posting tweet challenging him to enter hyderabad. As a counter tweet, RGV tweets V. Hanumantha Rao saying he is coming to prasad imaxand stop him if he can.

Though seeing this counter, V.H didn’t react anymore. It might be he doesn’t want to prolong the issue keeping a fight with RGV. Everyone with this tweet expect a fight in the imax but theere is nothing so. Presently RGV is in hyderabad. Seems like the fight came to an end.

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