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RGV Supports Arjun Reddy

RGV Supports Arjun Reddy

RGV Supports Arjun Reddy: The most controversial movie in the recent days, Arjun Reddy, again raised controversies regarding a Kiss poster. Recently a Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao responded seriously to remove the kiss poster from the bus. He expressed that the youth mindset will damage with such type of kiss posters. Moreover, Vijay Devarakonda responded to VH in social media saying Tatayya.. chill sarcastically. However, RamGopal Varma gave his support to Arjun Reddy and criticized V Hanumantha Rao.

Varma posted a pic of VH tearing the kiss poster in facebook and commented.  ” you and your party became grand parents. With these actions not believed that you get some votes in the next elections. You and your party became old to ask your grand son or grand daughter whether there is a mistake in the Arjun Reddy poster. Whereas, Arjun Reddy movie is not for your age it’s for your grandchildren age group.” Finally,  Varma criticized VH by posting this on facebook.

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