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Mahesh Kathi Response To NTR Counter

Mahesh Kathi Response to Jr NTR counter on Film Critics

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Mahesh Kathi Response to Jr NTR counter on Film Critics: Mahesh Kathi who got huge fame in both Telugu states by participating in ‘Bigg Boss’ season 1. Before ‘Bigg Boss’ show, no one knows about Mahesh Kathi, not even film industry. But now everyone is talking about Mahesh Kathi as a review writer, film analyst and critic. Mahesh Kathi wants to gain more publicity by buzzing in media. He knows how to get publicity by involving in major issues. That’s why he involved in Pawan Kalyan issue by taking the risk. Mahesh Kathi made comments as Pawan don’t have acting skills and he is not useful to the politics. In this Pawan Kalyan fans tackle the situation which became a big fuzz.

Just now Mahesh Kathi is getting out of Pawan Kalyan fans. But now he is trying to make fuzz with NTR. NTR supported Mahesh Kathi in ‘Bigg Boss’ show. Even after coming out of the show also NTR talked about him. So Mahesh Kathi should be respectable towards NTR. Mahesh Kathi should handle with care in NTR situation even though he is a critic. But Mahesh Kathi is going against as his wish. Recently, in ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ movie success meet, NTR strongly commented on reviewers.

NTR expressed his anger on reviewers as ‘audience see the movies and express their views on it. But there is no one like a stupid has rights to comment in a wrong way.’ As everyone knew that NTR anger is that reviews may affect the movie. But Mahesh Kathi is blaming NTR comments. He blamed NTR for criticizing reviewers. Mahesh Kathi said that ‘audience will enjoy the movie but critics will analyze the movie and try to show its negative points. Everyone has the freedom to talk. By talking like this don’t make wrong publicity on critics.’ Nandamuri fans are expressing anger on Mahesh Kathi for talking against NTR to stop his activity or else he will face worst.

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