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Malli Rava Telugu Bullet Review

Malli Rava review

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It’s been a long time since Akkineni camp hero Sumanth had a hit at the Telugu box office. That’s the reason producers and directors hardly approached Sumanth in the recent times. After his film ‘Naruda Donaruda’ flopped at the box office, it is only ‘Malli Rava’ offer that went to the hero. Though the producer and director are beginners, it’s really a brave move by Sumanth to go ahead with them. let us take a look whether the film fared well at the box office or not!


The story revolves around the two principal characters; Karthik (Sumanth) and Anjali (Akanksha Singh). They both love each other right from their teenage. While everything seems to go on a positive note, they either end up in dispute or someone brings a rift between them. At a point where, marriage is the next immediate thing, the couple break-up. The rest of the story is all about the consequences that lead to their breakup, and whether the couple had a happy ending or not.


Given the film’s story that starts in 1997 and ends in 2017 introduces us to a new style of flashback approach. The narration scores better than the film’s story. The director was successful in depicting a ‘realistic story’ rather than a movie. Director Gowtham stayed away from unwanted emotional scenes, comedy track and commercial scenes. He managed to stick to his point on how love changes through teenage and later stages in life. The screenplay is the greatest strength of the film. Director managed to illustrate various aspects that take place in different phases of life without any confusion or muddle.

Hero Sumanth proved how good an actor he is, given a good subject and a talented director. It’s hard to find Sumanth in the film. Karthik will surely travel with you to home. This is undoubtedly the best performance in Sumanth’s career. Sumanth’s exhibition of subtle emotions is fantastic to watch on the big screen. Even Akanksha Singh as Anjali excelled beautifully. The lead pair clearly lived up to the expectations of the director.

On the technical front, Cinematography, Music and production values added value to the film.

Plus Points:

  • Direction and Screenplay
  • Sumanth and Akanksha Singh Acting
  • Dialogues by Gowtham


  • Slow and draggy in few scenes

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Sumanth to pull you back to theatres with ‘Malli Rava’! Don’t miss out!

Telugu Bullet Rating: 3.25/5

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