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‘Saptagiri LLB’ Telugu Movie review

‘Saptagiri LLB’ Movie review

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‘Saptagiri LLB’ is the official remake of Bollywood hit film ‘Jolly LLB 2’. It was a black comedy film, with comedy, entertainment, scenes questioning the honesty of the lawyers and power-packed courtroom scenes as its main strengths. Akshay Kumar received critical acclaim for his role in the Hindi version. Hoping that the film would bring success if a remake is made in Telugu, producer Dr. Ravi Kiran purchased the remake rights to the film and produced Saptagiri LLB with Saptagiri as the lead cast.


Saptagiri, a son of a farmer hails from a small village. After fighting many cases in the village, Saptagiri feels that he could get the recognition, name, and money only if he practices law in the city. He also wishes to marry his cousin. He comes to Hyderabad and lives with his brother-in-law. In due course, he comes to know that a lawyer named Raj Pal (Sai Kumar) saves the accused from an accident case, in which many have lost their lives. Saptagiri chooses to file a PIL in the court. The rest of the story all what difficulties he faced after filing the PIL? How did he overcome those difficulties? And who died in that accident? and finally, how did he manage to achieve his mission?


Director Charan Lakkakula made necessary changes to the original screenplay to suit the Telugu nativity. The film revolves around the sensitive point that how the accused in many road accidents are going scot-free. Saptagiri’s transformation from a comedy role in the first half to an intense emotional role in the later part of the film is a treat to watch. He shows his acting skills in the scene where he brings justice to Farmers. The Courtroom scenes are the highlight of the film.

The comedy track, along with romantic scenes and songs manage to hold the audience for the first half. The second half has its equal share of romantic track and ingesting twists that elevate the film gradually. The emotional courtroom scene at the climax takes the film to its peak.

The audience will have a good laughter watching Saptagiri and Shakalaka Shankar on the screen. Sai Kumar and Saptagiri are a plus for the movie. Saptagiri managed to fare well in songs and fights. The BGM elevates the emotional scenes. Screenplay and direction complement each other. The film is produced with good production values. 

 Plus Points:

  • Screenplay &Direction
  • Performances of Saptagiri and Sai Kumar
  • Emotional Court scene at the climax


  • First half
  • Drag and slow narration.

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Saptagiri manages to win his ‘Saptagiri LLB’ case at the Box Office! 

Telugu Bullet Rating: 3.5/5

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