Pawan Kalyan has no other choice in politics!

Pawan Kalyan has no other choice in politics

Pawan Kalyan has no other choice in politics!

Posted December 8, 2017, 5:24 pm at 17:24 

If one can consider Centre’s strategy in depriving Andhra Pradesh its ‘Special Status’ as a masterstroke, it also created a situation where no party can even fight for ‘Special Status’. In the context of ‘Special Status,’ no party has been able to raise its voice against the Centre. The TDP and YSRCP have been busy alleging each other rather than fighting for the Special Status. The Centre managed to keep a check on Chandrababu by intimidating with ‘Vote for Note case’, and Jagan by threatening him with money laundering and corruption cases. Even Pawan Kalyan became silent after organizing a couple of public meetings.

But, from the last two days, in his 4-day tour of Andhra Pradesh, Pawan Kalyan has been again vocal about ‘Special Status’ issue. It is also learned that the Janasena Party chief will make ‘Special Status’ as a focal point to stage a Padayatra very soon. In a recent meeting with Fathima Medical College students, Pawan said that ‘Andhra Pradesh would have got ‘Special Status’ if YSRCP and TDP at least fought like you [the students].’

Though Pawan Kalyan mentioned during 2014 elections that he wouldn’t take a step back to question TDP and BJP if he finds fault, he still cannot deny that he is also partially responsible after the Centre rejected the Special status to Andhra Pradesh. Apart from fighting for Special Status, Pawan Kalyan has no other choice in this aspect!

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