Pawan Kalyan To Build His House in Chinakakani!

pawan kalyan take Land for Janasena Party Office in Chinakakani

pawan Kalyan Take Land for Janasena Party Office in Chinakakani

Posted December 8, 2017, 4:16 pm at 16:16 

Pawan Kalyan who is currently touring Andhra Pradesh will be coming to Chinakani village, near Amaravati. The Janasena party chief is currently touring the state and addressing various issues of people who have approached him for help and assurance. The Janasena party has recently located a suitable land in Chinakani for the construction of the party office.

Pawan Kalyan is visiting Chinakani to express his gratitude for the farmers who have leased their lands for the construction of Janasena Party office. The move from farmers comes at a time when everyone is afraid of political parties and politicians.Pawan kalayan janasena party office in Chinakakani

Another reason for Pawan Kalyan to give prime importance to Chinakani is, Pawan will also be constructing his own house in this region along the National Highway. ‘Pawan is looking to settle in Chinakani and will be constructing his own house. It is a suitable location. He can Gannavaram Airport pretty easily from here. Pawan also liked the locals’ manners very much,’ said a close source to the Janasena Party. It is being heard that Pawan has taken the decision of having an own home at Chinakani after his party members requested.

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