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HomelatestCBN Gets Mamatha’s Invitation For Anti-BJP Rally

CBN Gets Mamatha’s Invitation For Anti-BJP Rally

In what may be called as one of the biggest anticipated rallies of India, the TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee is organizing a mammoth anti-BJP rally in the upcoming year’s early days. For this rally, she invited her trusted ally Chandrababu Naidu to strengthen the parade. Mamata is one of the anti-BJP leaders who is continuously talking about dethroning Modi for his alleged ridiculous acts like Demonetization, GST etc. After many attempts to strengthen Federal Fronts, Mamata took the lead and called in for a big rally in the cultural city of Kolkata.

Mamata took the lead and called

This rally will be done on 19th January 2019 with all the anti-BJP leaders across the Nation of India. To make this really a bumper hit, she wrote an invitation letter to the TDP National Chief Chandrababu Naidu to grace the event. Already CBN launched his full-time attack at the central party for its betrayal in the name of AP Bifurcation Act and Special Category Status. With bigwigs uniting against the Modi, this time, the anti-Modi wave is set to showcase its influence in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Needless to say

Needless to say, Babu is very much ready to attend this rally and join hands with other anti-Saffron parties like JDS, Samajwadi Party, TMC etc. however, it is a million dollars question if the CBN’s Telugu rival KCR gets this invitation and this TRS Chief participates in the big rally.

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