Man Killed Two Salespersons For A Discount In Varanasi

Man Killed Two Salespersons For A Discount In Varanasi

A man killed two salespersons and injured two others at JHV Mall, Varanasi in UP state. As per the crime report, A man visited JHV Mall to purchase clothing and hold an argument with the salespersons over a discount on the things he purchased.

A man killed two salespersons

After being denied discount, that man has taken the pistol from his pocket and fired on those salespersons. Two of them namely Sunil and Gopi are shot dead in the incident and the other two namely Golu and Vishal are severely injured and admitted to the hospital. As per the doctor report, the present health condition of these two is critical.

After being denied discount

This incident has happened in the rush hours and other customers at the mall got screamy and fearful. JHV Mall is located at Cantonment Road area. The police sealed the mall and questioning the persons which are present during the incident at the spot. Police people saying that they are currently examining the CCTV footage and trying the best to catch the culprit soon.


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