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Manoj’s Tweet Report To TV5 Anchor Going Viral:

Manoj Tweet Report TV5 Anchor Going Viral

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Manchu Manoj is one among fewer heroes in Tollywood who stands first in the queue when it comes to addressing any issue inside or outside the industry. His recent retort to a media channel which crossed its limits is going viral.The Channel TV 5 has become a permanent address for abusive programmes, especially on the Telugu Film Industry. Not less than a couple of weeks ago, its Chief editor Samba Siva Rao abused actresses by demeaned them. After the entire industry slammed on the Channel, he issued an apology and declared that they won’t repeat such situations hereafter.

Such channel again mixed its promise in the Ganges today. In a debate aired on today’s morning called Business Breakfast, one of the Channel’s anchor degraded entire industry in his review. It’s a known thing that big heroes have attended a special meet at Chiru’s guest house the other day. This anchor termed this meeting as nothing but trash. He dared to say all these heroes fit for nothing and will be knocked out with one punch. Despite beating 100 goons on screen, these so-called stars cannot beat one person in real life. The Anchor forgot his ethics and uttered chaotic words that come to his mind. Finally, he concluded the programme by declaring that this weak heroes batch shall not touch the shadow of media if they wage a war on all the existing channels.

Within no time, the furious hero Manchu Manoj took his Twitter and questioned that anchor and TV5 if that programme is Business Breakfast or Comedy Breakfast. Terming the programme as Nice and Funny, he asked if the industry really declared war on media or not. Suggesting him to wait until the announcement to kick them, he stated that he would get knocked out if he punches any. Manoj hilariously ended his tweet by asking him to sleep in order to get peace. Another hero Sai Dharam Tej supported Manoj by hoping the anchor to get well soon by speed recovery.

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