Monday, October 3, 2022
HomelatestMarriage Is On Facebook Live...

Marriage Is On Facebook Live…

In Karnataka, a lovers wedding video was streamed live on Facebook. Now, it is going viral on social media. Kiran Kumar(25), and Arpita(19) are lovers so they wanted to pair up. For that, they have said about love in their houses but the families have not accepted their love. And, Kiran Kumar is a merchant in Madhugiri and Arpita is B.Com second-year student and daughter of a politician in Madhugiri. They are from different castes so their families didn’t accept it. Finally, they decided to marry and on Friday at Hesaraghatta in North Bengaluru tied the knot at the temple. This wedding was live streaming on Facebook.

“We wanted our families to come together and organize our marriage. But none of them cared for our feelings. Left with no option, we finally decided to marry at the temple,” Kiran said. The bride’s father filed the complaint about his daughter missing in police station. Police take the video as evidence to close the case. “We need to take the statement of the girl. According to her birth certificate, she is not minor so we can not stop her from marrying a person of her choice,” Police said.


Arpita posted that a video on social media after their marriage. “We love each other and we married now. If anyone tries to separate or harm us, we will die. Dear police, if you disturb our life or do something, we will write down your name and commit suicide,” she said.

Actually, are the love marriages really need..! Or Is caste supporting is really need…!

If the parents say yes, can marry, if not..! If the children put the love proposal of them, parents should say yes, if not..!

Although, If the marriage fixed by parents it is the right match if the children select their own person that is the wrong match, is it…! If the children select their soulmate themselves is the right match, but the parents select the bride/groom for their children’s future is wrong, is it…!


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