Mega Fans Are Trolling Allu Arjun

Mega Fans Are Trolling Allu Arjun
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Recently when Chiru debuted on Twitter, it took a day and a half for Allu Arjun to tweet a welcome note for his uncle, and only after the elder brother did, the younger one Allu Sirish put a tweet about it.

But the real twist is, though Allu Arjun has put up a tweet for Chiru, the Megastar never replied. While he has give pinpointed replies that are filled with warmth for most celebs including Nithin and others, he didn’t reply to Allu Arjun or Geetha Arts on that note.

And when Chiru constituted the Corona Crisis Committee, it could be noticed that Allu Arvind is not a part of it, giving rise to more suspensions. While it has the likes of Suresh Babu and Tammareddy as the members of hi-power committee, many felt Arvind’s presence would have become a value addition.

Whatever it may, if things are happening just per the flow and onlookers are taking it in the wrong direction, its fine. But hope that there are no cracks between Chiru and Arvind, because the whole industry says that today Chiru reached that stage due to Arvind’s support, while Arvind stood tall in the industry due to Chiru’s pillar-like presence.


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